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The Compliance Office system is an online application designed to help you simplify SRA logs, reports and CPD

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual reports and costly alternatives…

Our online application features:


Simple forms capturing SRA-ready data

  • File reviews
  • Complaints
  • Undertakings
  • Rule breaches
  • Gifts and more…
  • Instantly export in CSV (Excel)

Compliance reporting made easy

  • Spot gaps and trends immediately
  • Simplify SRA report preparation
  • Simplify meeting SRA requirements to log and monitor compliance
  • Simplify accreditation logs

email reminder screenshot

Automated email chasing

Save time and money by automating email reminders where logs need updating or file reviews are outstanding.  Also, automatically CC in colleagues when high-risk matters are logged.

Working seamlessly with compliance templates including:

  • Risk & Compliance manual
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Cyber crime
  • Continuing competence
  • Lexcel & SQM compatible

View contents page (PDF) and a sample of extracts from the manual.

Firm-wide CPD management

"Reflect on your practice" screenshot

Create a CPD plan

Use our interactive step-by-step CPD forms to easily reflect on your practice and plan learning and development objectives as required by the SRA’s new continuing competence regime. Once submitted, you can download or print your CPD Plan for the year at any time.

Report screenshot

Report on firm-wide CPD compliance

The reporting features will allow you to sign the SRA’s new declaration in the PC bulk renewal exercise with complete peace of mind.  You can see instantly if all solicitors have “reflected on their practice and addressed any identified learning and development needs.” as the SRA declaration will require.

TRAINING screenshot

Train your staff

The Compliance Office CPD application has an online training video on the SRA’s continuing competence regime built into the platform.  So you don’t need to spend time and money on separate training for all of your solicitors on the new CPD regime.  Just enrol them into the Compliance Office system and they’ll get instant access to a short training video.

Completing activity screenshot

Evaluate your CPD activities with ease

With a simple star rating system, you can fulfil the SRA’s requirement to evaluate your CPD activities with ease.  Got more to say?  Not a problem, add as many notes and reflections on the activities as you need.  You can also save time and avoid duplication by logging completion of the CPD activities directly from your CPD plan.

Meeting SRA requirements

Do you keep a log of your SRA rule breaches, both material and non-material?

Meet this SRA requirement easily with simple forms tailored by SRA compliance specialists.

Do you have systems for monitoring and reviewing compliance risks in the firm?

Meet this SRA requirement with one-click reporting and get the information your firm needs to check risk and compliance across the organisation.  Also, let the system send chasers out for you where information or action is outstanding.

Are you ready for the SRA’s information reports and declarations at the end of the year?

Don’t scramble around looking at individual files and firing off emails each October for the SRA bulk renewals.  Our forms collect the data in the way the SRA ask for it and so it will have the data you need broken down into the right categories.  Complaints, referral arrangements, separate businesses, claims – it’s all there (and you can export your logs into Excel should you want to).

Do you have a way of making sure that your staff are actually addressing their learning and development needs in order that you can sign off the firm declaration during bulk PC renewals?

With our firm-wide application, staff are chased automatically by email to make their annual declarations within the system and you can specifically and immediately see at the end of the year if anyone has not addressed the needs identified.


We take security seriously: all records are stored on servers in the EEA and are encrypted at rest and in transit (using both SHA-256 and AES-265 encryption).

Firms can embed our application into existing live intranets so your staff don’t feel like they’re using another system.

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