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Solicitors Office Manual

Our ever popular manual covers SRA risk and compliance, anti-money laundering, information security and much more

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Compliance registers app

Simple and cost effective recording, reporting and update chasing for all of your complaints, undertakings, rules breaches and more with our great value app

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Solicitor CPD App

Individual solicitors can make use of our CPD app free of charge to simplify CPD planning and recording from anywhere.

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Firm-wide CPD App

Automated chasing and simple CPD firm-wide reporting on compliance with the SRA's new CPD regime, including training and templates.

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“The template was amazing.  Really, really easy to use and well drafted.”

Emily Bolton, Centre For Criminal Appeals

“The template risk and compliance documentation assisted us with our firm based authorisation process as it was invaluable in ensuring we had a risk and compliance framework to ensure compliance with the SRAs requirements..”

Jo Adams, Otium Legal

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